A little Epiphany mirth
  • I think you’ll be amused by this recent experience of a good friend of mine who teaches voice at a prestigious New England private school.  One of her students had a lesson on January 6, so my friend noted that it was Epiphany.  The student had no clue what that was so after her teacher gave a brief explanation the student was asked whether she could think of a carol about it.  “Just the Elvis song”, she replied.  “Huh?” my teacher friend responded, as clueless as the student had been about Epiphany. 

    The student then began to sing: “Wise men say only fools rush in”….
  • The other day my 5 yo son was putting together a little kid Christmas puzzle and turned to my mother and said, “I just finished the puzzle with King Harold.” Forevermore in our home the wise men will stop at King Harold’s palace on their way to Jesus now.
  • Hmmm - Poor King Harold was the last Anglo-Saxon king of England, was he not?
    The wise men must have been very long-lived! - and more widely traveled than we had known!
  • and to think, all these years we had Mary and Joseph plodding through the desert to flee from King Harold
    these days, when children hear "the Flight into Egypt", it's another image entirely. Now landing at Cairo International ...