'Falsobordone' Mass
  • Some time ago, there was a discussion on this forum about harmonized Mass settings. One member then asked the following question:
    Have you done any experiments in drawing on the Western tradition of harmonized chant (falsobordone)?

    Now, since resurrection is the privilege of God towards Men and not that of Men towards old threads, I decided to create another thread here (some people might say creation is another divine, not human, privilege, but I think you will get the idea).
    Here is, in my opinion, a good example of a "falsebordone" Gloria (in French, based upon one of Perruchot's "faux-bourdons"): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R0PDK8dEFPk&t=57s

    What do you think?
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    Wow, that is very moving in the right sense. While I’m very open to the vernacular, I attend an EF service, but is there the possibility of finding this with a Latin text? If not that’s not a problem as the recording is very good indeed. I just would like something I could take to my choir group.
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  • I'm afraid this is a new composition and therefore, you won't find a Latin version. On the other hand, it can surely be adapted into Latin or English very easily.
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    We sang chant in a similar style, the rule was one group sings the chant at pitch, another sings it a 5th or a 6th higher (worked out by trial and error), and a third group sings a drone or a 5th or a 6th lower. I gives a very interesting effect.