Gospel Acclamations for Lent
  • Here's a question: why do we even need them?

    I really have a hard time figuring out the necessity of having Gospel acclamations for Lent instead of the Tract. I understand that the Alleluia is going out during Lent, but why did we need an Alleluia-like-refrain instead? Especially since we already had the Tract, which is basically a psalm sung in directo, without any antiphon or response.
    So why did the reformers didn't put the various tracts into the Lectionnary? Or, if there was a need to update this (which can be discussed), how about a psalm sung in directo? Or a second responsorial psalm?
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    All these options are still there:
    - the Graduale Romanum has the tractus
    - the Graduale Simplex has the antiphona acclamationis and the tractus (as well as a second psalmus responsoribus)
    - the Lectionary has the verse before the Gospel, with an optional (!) acclamation that can be sung before and after the verse
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  • True, but with all this embarras de richesses, what was the need for yet another option?
  • Jehan,

    If the new material had complemented the old, or produced something of beauty, another "option" would be welcome.

    On the other hand, how many times do we hear from OF-revolution proponents that the past has nothing to teach us?