Need help finding attribution for Mass excerpt
  • Heath
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    The request first: I need help finding the Mass setting and composer from which the attached Benedictus hails.

    Background: Many of you know that I adapt 2- and 3-pt Mass excerpts, assign various proper texts to them and put them on my English Motets site. (Purists, beware!) Occasionally, I'll spend an afternoon rifling through Masses on CPDL, printing random bits furiously...and when the dust has cleared, I realize that I've neglected to jot the composer and source down. (Yes, I've done this more than once (sigh))

    Anyway, I've got the attached all set to punch into Lilypond, but I have no composer for it!

    Any help you could provide would be most welcome. It's unique; an ABB Benedictus is somewhat unusual. Or if anyone recognizes the CPDL editor from the typeset score, that would be a valuable clue!

    Thanks in advance,
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  • sdtalley3sdtalley3
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    Kind of looks like T.L. de Victoria's work but I'll have to search through some stuff to be sure. The reason being is I made a Mass for 4 voices and as customary the Benedictus is split at the consecration, so the Benedictus is sung afterwards. Mine was questioned by a performing director because of the uncanny similarity in the opening melody to TLV's "Missa O Magnum Mysterium/ Benedictus". I confess I've never given that mass any serious look at outside the Kyrie or Gloria, I try not to let other works muddle my own compositions for this reason.
  • tomjaw
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    Here, Brian's edition.

    We have it printed, and sometime this year we will learn it (after the O salutaris Mass by de la Rue)
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  • Heath
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    tomjaw, thank you so, so much! That's an enormous help and means I can actually get my monthly newsletter out on time. :)