Gaudete Sunday and the Gaudete Hymn
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    In honour of all those people who put the Gaudete hymn on their Gaudete Sunday schedule...
    If you made a blooper and realised "Hang on, he's not born yet!" Then here is a hymn to help you save face...

    Gaudete Gaudete Christus est not yet!
    Ex Maria Virgine Gaudete!
    This week we read about John - the
    Baptist in the river.
    They asked him "are you the Christ?"
    "No, he's way more clever!"
    Gaudete Gaudete Christus est not yet!
    Ex Maria Virgine Gaudete!
    John said prepare to rejoice
    standing in the water
    They asked him "are you Elias?"
    "No, I'm not him either!"
    Gaudete Gaudete Christus est not yet!
    Ex Maria Virgine Gaudete!
    So then perseverating
    They asked him a question
    "Why then are you doing this?"
    "I want to go to Heaven!"
    Gaudete Gaudete Christus est not yet!
    Ex Maria Virgine Gaudete!

    Tim Tam Slamming a special Christmas Spice Tim Tam in an iced latte in your honour Chuck!
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    Christmas Spice Tim Tam - wow!! Can't get them here, and sadly the local supplier (Target) no longer seems to carry any variety. So special order is required. Nonetheless, Jes, may yours be a Christmas Spice Tim Tam slam of Joy!!
  • would someone volunteer to try out this Australian recipe and report back? Tim Tams are definitely OFF my list, but they look wonderful
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    They do look like Tim Tam's but I reckon it would be hard to replicate the exact chocolate... in America one thing I missed was Aussie chocolate and I nearly went biserk when I found European style chocolate at a specialty shop cos it was the closest I could get. So your closest swap in any Aussie chocolate based recipe has to be to use Belgian chocolate or something cos Hersheys will not do the job. It will be totally different if you use Hersheys as your choc coating. The rest sounds about right.

    I think @stimsoninrehab saw me shed tears over the chocolate situation haha.
  • We just changed the Latin to acknowledge that he’s not born yet. Then on Christmas we change it back. Having a Latinist in the choir is helpful.
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    @SponsaChristi, can you share the changes, or are they copyright?
  • It seems the joy of Advent is sober, consoling, there-there-dry-your-eyes... and also humbly trusting. It a fore-feast. Modestia vestra nota sit omnibus... petitiones vestræ innotescant apud Deum... confortamini et nolite timere... Deus noster salvabit nos.

    I would like to save the tipsy enthusiasm of Gaudete, Gaudete for the feast itself. Not even sing Gaudete, Christus nascetur, nor Mundus renovabitur a Christo regnaturo --but wait until it actually liturgically happens.
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  • No there’s no copyright. It’s just a word. I will when I get home from work.