Office of Compline--English and Latin
  • I started a discussion some months ago about finding Compline in the Solesmes books, and got very helpful answers. Cleaning out a bookshelf revealed to me that I had, just one year ago, bought this, which I had forgotten about and which I will now begin to use. I post this merely as an FYI, because it did not come up in the previous conversation.

    I hope you all are being blessed somehow in this current terrible situation.
  • I've been using it for about 3 years now. I found a few typos, but in general it is very usable.
  • Good to know. If it’s used with others, well, that’s why choir members should always have pencils, so any problems are easily fixed. I did find one Psalm verse where the syllables didn’t seem to match the melody, but as an expert friend of mine said about another setting, you can just go backwards from the last note to figure it out. So if it’s just a few I suspect it’s easily fixed. Thanks again.