Latin OF Propers for Our Lady of Guadalupe?
  • I'm preparing music for an OF Mass in which the schola will be chanting Latin Mass propers and ordinaries. The Mass is this Saturday, which in the US, is the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe. That said, I am not able to find the Latin propers for this Mass anywhere. I have the Liber Usualis with the propers for the EF Mass of that day, but this is an OF Mass and I'm not sure it would be the same. If they are the same, what all would I have to change? Thanks in advance to anyone who is able to help me. Pax.
  • I should clarify, I'm especially looking for the Alleluia and Offertory. I think we can go without the Gradual, and I think I found the correct Introit and Communion antiphons in the Liber. If I'm correct, the Introit is Signum Magnum, the Introit from the Assumption in the EF, and the Communion is Non fecit taliter, the Communion from the day in the EF. Again, any help is much appreciated.
  • My '61 Liber gives (p.(4), Proper Feasts kept in the Dioceses of the USA):
    Introit: Salve sancta Parens
    Gradual: Quae es ista
    Alleluia: Florens apparuerunt
    Offertory: Elegi et sanctificavi
    Communion: Non fecit taliter

    This, however, suggests something entirely different for the OF:
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  • The Ordo Cantus Missae (1988) gives the option of singing the propers from the previous Missal for saints' days. So the chants Jeffrey lists from the 1961 Liber are entirely "legal." You can find them here.

    The link from has the "spoken propers" as given in the Missal.
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    Alleluia, I think, Felix es, GR p414
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  • The Graduale Novum lists (vol. II, p. 472-473):

    IN Salve sancta parens
    GR Specie tua
    AL Diffusa est gratia
    OF Ave Maria
    CO Principes
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