New from CMAA: a Spanish reprint of Dom Gregorio Suñol's chant instruction book
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    The newest book from CMAA is also one that we have carried for years. Dom Gregorio Suñol, a monk of the abbey at Montserrat and the president of the Pontifical Academy of Sacred Music in Rome, wrote his Método completo de canto gregoriano in 1905. It was expanded in numerous editions and translated into several languages; and we've offered the 1930 English edition for some time. Now we're happy to offer a reprint of the 1943 Spanish eighth edition. It is a thorough and methodical presentation based on the Solesmes method, which he praised in the book's first edition in these words:
    My teaching, I can say, is not mine. The school of Solesmes has served the Church so magnificently, restoring her chant to her, authentic, beautiful, serious, and suited to her holiness; it burst forth one day by inspiration of the Holy Spirit from the hearts of her most enlightened sons.

    It's available this week (until Dec 4, 2020) at a 15% discount, with the help of a coupon code (THANKS15) at Lulu.ñol/método-completo-de-canto-gregoriano/paperback/product-7wg2kr.html image image
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