Solfege training inquiry
  • Lorena
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    Best to all.
    Does anyone know of a solfege training program for Spring Semester or Jan Term?
    Summer 2021.

    Wherever . If you know something or whispers of something please share leads / contact information.

    Melodic regards,

  • If you're looking to develop all around musicianship skills, I *highly* recommend using the EarMaster app (for computer, phone, or tablet). It's dirt cheap ($5 / month) for real time feedback that you would otherwise be paying $30-$100 / hour ($120-$400 / month) from a private teacher, in a one-on-one scenario.

    This isn't a paid endorsement :) I've been using the app to train children and adults and it is beyond phenomenal, and the price is absurdly low. Long story short: you get precise, individualized feedback for all musicianship skills at a price point that's about 1% of what you would otherwise pay.

    It also has dozens of courses, from absolute beginner to quite advanced, and walks you through every sequential step in developing your skills.
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  • Briefly read the title as "Solfege Training Injury". Was too curious not to click.
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