Votive Mass of Our Lady in Advent (Rorate caeli Mass) in the OF--Gloria? Credo?
  • I am assisting a friend in planning and chanting for a Rorate caeli Mass in the Ordinary Form. I have done this Mass many times in the EF, but have not worked with the OF for over 10 years, so I cannot figure out where to look. Does this votive Mass have a Gloria and/or Credo?

    Thank you all for any quick answers!

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    No, neither.
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  • @Gamba, thank you. Where would one find this information, if I may ask?
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    This is helpful.
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  • @MarkB, thank you. What is the source of this document? (Did you put it together?)

    In general, what document/book does one consult for this information for any Mass in the OF? I am accustomed to using an Ordo in conjunction with the Liber Usualis plus my notes from previous years on things I may forget.
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    The whole rubrical approach set out by GIRM is of guidance rather than meticulous regulation. Rather than specify things in detail, it often tells you when/why something is done (though only in outline), and leaves the celebrant/MC/DM to apply judgement.
    GIRM §53 specifies the Gloria in terms which clearly suggest not using it in Advent or Lent.
    GIRM §67 specifies the Creed for major celebrations at which the whole community is expected to be present.
    For both "said also at particular celebrations of a more solemn character" but the implication is that it would be something clearly of comparable weight, which would be very exceptional for any votive Mass.
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    Not wanting to start a new thread - I see a request here for
    In the 1962 Missal, in the Appendix pro aliquibus locis, November 27 is the feast of Our Lady Immaculate of the the Miraculous Medal.
    HELP! Can anybody provide us with a link to the DIVINE OFFICE for this feast?
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    One of the commenters on that thread provided the text of that Office, from the Breviarium perhaps.

    It's also available in the Paroissien Romain. This copy at Watershed has it. See pp. 1211-1214 (starting at p. 609 in the PDF file):
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