"St. Andrew" Novena - chant?
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    Is anyone aware of a musical setting for the St. Andrew-Christmas Novena?

    My children love learning chant for their prayers, and today displayed that they had learned to sing the Salve Regina well enough to simply recite the entire prayer (yay!).
    While the novena prayer is learned quite quickly because of its number of repetitions, I still think it would be nice for them to be able to sing some iterations.

  • Hi CCooze,

    can you clarify? Do you have access to a musical setting, or are you asking if anyone else knows? I searched around, and as far as I can tell the Novena is relatively new, and I could not find any musical setting to it. I even searched for a Latin text from the English versions available on line and was not met with much success.
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    I've found the same lack of results.
    I was wondering if anyone else had better luck or some such.

    Thanks for your response.
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    To expand on "not much success":

    • A certain Genevieve Florence Palmas copyrighted an unpublished composition "Hail and Blessed Be the Hour" in December 1952. (Note: I found only one earlier copy of the prayer, from an Irish Little Treasury of Leaflets dated 1914.) I assume this is likely the St. Andrew's "Novena" because Palmas had earlier copyrighted other Catholic-themed music, e.g. to the Infant of Prague. A woman of the same name lived in the Kenosha, Wisconsin area. Perhaps she held some post at one of the Catholic churches there.
    • A Google search found this 2019 paraphrase for SAB choir.

    The text is irregular and long-- I was thinking one could set this to an Advent introit chant like Rorate caeli, and use Psalm tone for the two verses, followed by the Hail and blessed.

    -- 37 syllables
    hail and blessed be the hour and the moment (11) (blessed = 2, hour = 1)
    in which the Son of God was born (8)
    of the most pure Virgin Mary (8)
    at midnight, in Bethlehem, in piercing cold (11)

    -- 21 syllables
    In that hour vouchsafe, I beseech Thee, O my God (12)
    to hear my prayer and grant my desires (9) (desires = 2)

    -- 20 syllables
    through the merits of Our Savior Jesus Christ (11)
    and of His Blessed Mother, Amen. (9) (blessed = 2)

    79 syllables
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    Sample setting of the text to Rorate Caeli -- pdf, with gabc.
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    @Chrism, what a neat idea!
    I'll have to play around with this to see what fits best for our use.
    Thanks for such a great idea.
  • Here's my humble attempt at this. I can easily transcribe it for English as well later on.
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    @sdtalley3 - that's very nice!
  • I'm having trouble attaching the English/Latin chant files so I'll try and see if its possible to make this on a new thread.
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  • @sdtalley3 - any luck with English or Latin? I very much like your Latin version. It will make the novena more intentional for me, at least. Gracias tibi ago!
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    Well it seems "Old Scratch" really has it out for me, no matter what I try I could not upload the pdf's; maybe its just me. If any one is interested still, they can PM me and I can send either the Latin or English chants via personal email. They are both identical with a very slight alteration to the chant ( I think I removed one note because it sounded garrish in the English version).

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    If the PDF file name contains any spaces, then the system can't handle it. Is that possibly the problem?
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    That was the problem...Thank you very much @chonak.