Print-on-demand for pocket size service books
  • What suggestions are there regarding print-on-demand publishers, specifically for pocket size service books? The requirements/preferences are:
    • hardcover & durable binding
    • 1 preferably 2 ribbon markers (if 2, different colours)
    • 4" × 6" pages (sized for cassock pocket)
    • black & red ink (green would also be nice, but not necessary)
    • thumb index (paper clips are not the best)

    Service books like this are the norm in the eastern tradition, especially for deacons.
  • To the OP
    Don’t know where you live, but we are in a burb of a very large US city
    And there are at least 2 small-business printers within just a few miles from us, who would be very happy to quote a project like this (and if outside their scope, could very probably point you to another printer who would be a better fit).
    In my experience it’s good to use someone local vs outside yr country (i.e., a printer in India) because of improved input you’d have on the product while still in work. That kind of control is valuable, when errors or surprises can be big issues.
  • Yes, there are small-business printers where I live as well. However, I'm interested in what is available in the domain of online print-on-demand publishers. I have experience with PublishAmerica and CreateSpace, and have talked to others who published using Lulu, but that was quite awhile ago. I understand that there are now many other options, so I'm wondering if anyone on this forum has experience with them, particularly given the above mentioned specifications.
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    It probably won't be easy to find a POD printer with the option of ribbon markers. If you have the option to place a minimum order there are printers who offer specialized options, such as this one (which I don't know anything about):

    Of course then you have to deal with inventory, order processing, and fulfillment (either yourself or through a service firm).
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  • Depending on your situation, don't let ribbons stand in your way. If this is some file you've created that you want to order for yourself, it's very easy to add ribbons. I've seen professional hymnals where the ribbons are just stapled to a little piece of cardboard shoved into the gap in the spine. A few feet of ribbon from JoAnne fabrics and a hot glue gun could solve many problems. If this is a project that will be up for others to order individually then that is a different matter, unless you're willing to bulk order a few and do that little bit of extra leg work yourself.