Source and Summit (formerly Illuminare) is live
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    I wish them the best! Haven't really checked out everything in detail or how much it's different from the old Illuminare.
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  • I recently ordered the Lumen Christi series to use alongside the Brebeuf Hymnal at Mass. I wish them all the very best and encourage people to give them a look. The materials from the Lumen Christi series are all very beautiful and the folks at Source and Summit are wonderful. I commend them along with CMAA and CCWatershed for their work to bring sacred music to people, amid the huge (not good) impression left by the big Catholic publishers on the Catholic musical landscape. I have done my best to continue bringing good music to the congregation I serve at Mass, and in the beginning of COVID was writing a lot but became bogged down with my full time job. All of these sources have given me so much peace and relief. God bless. M
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  • I've demoed their new system as a beta tester and I can tell you that it's very svelte. I encourage everyone, TLM or NO to check it out. It is a tremendous tool. Our parish won't be subscribing just yet because we do not have any singing by the congregation; we currently only have a small schola (now on furlough for 2 weeks due to a c19 situation...).

    The system really is amazing, though, and you can set up all your ordos with music or text, round or square notation, choose transposition and verses, etc. etc. and then share it digitally or export to print or complete further edits in another program. It's incredibly powerful and I honestly believe it will be the future of liturgical music planning, at least for NO parishes, although I believe it will become more and more useful for TLM communities as they add more and more chant.
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  • Their product roadmap for the next year is the kind of thing I was dreaming about 20 years ago.

    It's incredibly powerful

    That it is.

    It can't do everything you can dream of yet, but when their product roadmap gets executed, it will do close to everything I've ever wanted in a resource like this.

    I'm bullish that a program will amp up the rate of adoption for sacred music, too.
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    I looked at it and availed myself of the free month trial in August. Not all the advertised features were operational at that time, but I concluded it was a very expensive annual subscription service (that will increase in price in future years) for music that is in the public domain except for the Illuminare chants, and I don't need the digital planning/printing/formatting/sharing features.

    Besides, my OCP parish isn't ready to give up its favorite music. Earlier in the year I got the parish off the annual Breaking Bread subscription in favor of a hardbound hymnal. That first step was to get away from the "we need to subscribe to get the new music" mentality. I'm averse to any subscription-based music service that attempts to make you dependent upon its ecosystem and that makes you pay each year for music you already purchased. Even worse to pay each year for public domain music.

    Source and Summit may be a good service for parishes that adopted the Ignatius Pew Missal. It seems to me to be a superior, more flexible version of what the IPM offers, and I think Ignatius Press should be worried that Source and Summit could drive the IPM out of the market. But Source and Summit's musical repertoire constraints would not be received well by my OCP parish, just as the Ignatius Pew Missal's repertoire would not be received well.
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    It's a fantastic resource. Really the best thing you can get right now. I am hopeful our diocesan office of sacred liturgy promotes it, as it's really a great solution for many (most?) parishes.
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  • @MarkB: Did you see the product roadmap, for what's coming down the pipeline?