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  • davido
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    I have been tasked with creating (or finding) a card containing the NO mass responses that we will laminate and give to the school children for the school mass.
    This mass changed from a parochial mass to a school only mass due to COVID and it is evident that the children either do not know the responses and when to sit/stand, or need reminding.

    Does anyone have recommendations for a purchase from 2011 new translation time, or something that they created? I would also prefer it to be traditional, not cartoonish like so much that is available online.
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    Our Sunday Visitor has some rather nice ones in packs of 50. I have one of these in my hymnal. You can get it from several different online stores (Check around for the best price).

    Here are links to several from the Archdiocese of Indianapolis

    Church Warehouse Supply has this one.

    Then, there is this free one that uses pictographs to indicate sitting, standing, or kneeling

    Leaflet Missal Company also has several styles to choose from.
  • a_f_hawkins
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    I, or rather WE, have a problem in the free MassBookletforChidren. here :-
    Universal Prayer or Prayer of the Faithful
    (General Intercessions)- We stand and the reader presents
    our needs to God. We pray silently as the reader prays aloud.
    What is supposed to happen is that a deacon or substitute proposes intentions for us to pray about. We certainly utter collective prayers at Mass, but no one but a (con)celebrating priest can offer prayer on our behalf †. It is certainly a prevelant error, and it fundamentally undermines the distinction between the ministerial priesthood and the rest of the faithful (including deacons).
    Let us pray for ... that...
    The correct form is illustrated in the intercessions on Good Friday.
    † The liturgy of the hours, and other liturgies that can be lay led, are a different matter.
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    While I find I cannot approve of the Mass Booklet for Children, you can't get much more Catholic than to illustrate "Mass begins with everyone standing and singing the opening hymn" not with a figure holding an open hymnal and opening their mouth, but with the men's room pictograph.
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    Are you speaking the responses now due to the pandemic while the responses used to be all sung for the school Masses? When we would occasionally have substitute celebrants that didn’t or couldn’t sing, the kids would be totally confused as some of them have only ever known Sung Masses.
  • But it's not the opening hymn, it's the entrance hymn. The hymn or chant is not an action in itself, it accompanies the entrance of the liturgical ministers. It hardly "opens" the Mass.
  • davido
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    Lol, only sung masses ... if I could only live in that dream...