CMAA's Sacred Music Boot Camp - Oct. 15-17
  • Need fresh ideas? Looking to improve your program but don't know where to start? The CMAA's Boot Camp is for you.

    The Church Music Association of America is proud to invite you to join us in our first Sacred Music Boot Camp. Following on the success of our recent Virtual Colloquium and the feedback we received from participants, the CMAA is offering some of the basics of Sacred Music in our upcoming three- day program, again using the Zoom platform. This virtual program offers opportunities for learning, listening, and interacting with some of the best minds and musicians in the Catholic world today!

    The CMAA Sacred Music Boot Camp will be primarily focused on instruction in topics related to chant and the Catholic sacred music tradition, lectures and daily night prayer. During the three days, you’ll be able to participate in all these sessions via your home computer using the Zoom app. At the end of each breakout session there will be a short question and answer session.

    Boot Camp Highlights

    Saturday Morning Mass for the intentions of our generous donors
    Daily Breakout sessions on a variety of topics: on the hierarchy of the sung liturgy, chant directing, organ basics, reading chant notation, starting a chant schola, building a sacred music budget, the history of Sacred Music after Vatican II and more.
    Daily Spiritual Reflections provided by our chaplain, Rev. Robert Pasley.
    Night Prayer (Compline)
    Questions and Answer sessions after each Breakout

    Note that the simultaneous Spanish sessions on Thursday are open to all for free. imageimage
  • bhcordovabhcordova
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    Already signed up.
  • KARU27
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    Is there any chance these are available on video?
    Or is there a starting point for new Catholic music directors - one article or text?
    Our parish has a brand new music director who is a novice at liturgical music (I think), but is a professional musician from another area of music.
    He is asking for suggestions, and I wonder if there is a basic document that I could suggest that would lay out what actual Catholic liturgical music is? (i.e. not just the 4-hymn sandwich and piano improv).
  • Yes! These sessions are available for CMAA members and those who registered for the event. Perhaps a gift CMAA membership (which will give your new music director access not only to the boot camp recordings, but also the other virtual program recordings in addition to the other member benefits) would be a good thing.
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  • KARU27
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    Okay - great!
    I will let him know.