Help Needed: Office of the Dead Booklet
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    The following request is borne of great tragedy: Fr Christopher Roberts, the chaplain of the Latin mass community in my diocese, was found dead in his rectory of unknown causes this past Saturday.

    In addition to prayers, I would ask if someone here could possibly help with assembling a booklet of the full office of the dead, according to the 1962 missal? Even if it’s just pages 1772-1806 of the Liber (along with the Libera Me for when all three nocturnes are sung) printed in booklet format, that would be a great help. Please PM me or reply to this if you can help.
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    I am replying only for the purpose of bumping this post up for Stimson.
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    The funeral has been pushed up to tomorrow. If anyone could help, even with just making a PDF of the pages listed above, that would be a big help. Thank you.
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    Stimson, I hope this will be helpful. Attached are two files: the Office of the dead from the 1961 Liber (the pages you specified) as well as the Libera me (pages 1767-68 from the Liber).
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    This is. Thank you, Mary.
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    I'm very sorry. If anything more is needed I'll be at my desk and online tomorrow (Wednesday).