Short Marian Antiphons: Fr. Chrysogonus Waddell
  • At one time (maybe still?) the Little Hours from Liturgy of the Hours at Gethsemani included several short Marian antiphons or hymns, chanted in English. The one I remember was "In the bush seen by Moses, we recognize the preservation of your glorious virginity..." I've been looking at Fr. Chrysogonus's stuff that I can find online, but can't turn these up.

    Any suggestions?
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    Possibly a Cistercian speciality - if you can find a Cistercian Office book.
    The Church adopted this interpretation in the Marian Antiphon which the monks sing at the end of Terce: “In the bush seen by Moses as burning yet unconsumed, we recognize the preservation of your glorious virginity, O Mother of God”.
    Though that particular image is used in Orthodox iconography.
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    In the EF, the 3rd antiphon of the octave day of Christmas is on that text, Rubum quem viderat, mode 4. Those antiphons are also used in the Little Office of the B. V. M. during Christmastide. Anyhow, it comes easily to mind from when I would sing the hour of Sext.
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  • It is a Cistercian specialty. I've found a few while searching the Liturgy OCSO archives at WMU (all online!) but can't seem to find more than a few.
  • @VioletThreads, I'm not sure what your contractions are. Would you mind sharing a link to the resources you mentioned?
  • The archives of Liturgy OCSO at WMU are here:

    Finding aid for Fr. Chrysogonus Waddell's papers:
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