Vancouver, WA: Director of Music (Full Time) - Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater
    The Proto-Cathedral is a standard for orthodox Liturgy and Music throughout the Archdiocese of Seattle. This position will serve as director of Liturgy and the Collegium Musicum (paid ensemble), St. James Youth Choristers, and Organist. In cooperation with the Pastor, this position will continue to develop the sacred music program at The Proto-Cathedral, helping to grow the parish through beautiful and reverent liturgies and by offering sacred music programs that encourage and enhance parishioner participation.

    The St. James Collegium Musicum sings for two sung Sunday Masses every Sunday, which include the singing of English Chant Propers and Ordinary with motets (9am) and Gregorian Chant Propers and Ordinary, or polyphonic, with motets (11am), as well as on Holy Days of Obligation and other liturgical celebrations. The position is also responsible for the cantor and organist for the 5pm Vigil Mass. Larger feasts and solemnities throughout the year include music for orchestra and choirs (Viennese orchestral Masses, larger Baroque and Romantic works, etc.)

    • Provides music for all parish liturgies and other designated liturgical celebrations. Assures that appropriate and quality music is provided for parish liturgies according to the musical traditions of the Church.
    • Recruits and schedules musicians/cantors for all Sunday and other major parish liturgical celebrations.
    • Selects and develops participation aids for the assembly to encourage full, active, and conscious participation through singing.
    • Recruits, develops, and directs the youth choirs (St. James Boys Choristers and St. James Girls Choristers).
    • Provides assistance for parishioners needing music for weddings and funerals.
    • Initiates, plans, and coordinates concerts and other special Masses (ie - Extraordinary Form Masses) and Vespers throughout the liturgical year.
    • Initiates, plans, and coordinates concerts and other special Masses (ie - Extraordinary Form Masses) and Vespers throughout the liturgical year.

    The successful candidate must have experience in choral and orchestral conducting, as well as the ability to arrange or compose music for choir and orchestral musicians. Organ accompanying and improvisational skills are equally as important.

    About the Employer
    The Proto-Cathedral of St. James the Greater is a viable downtown parish with an historic past within the Archdiocese of Seattle. The parish is a center of beautiful and reverent liturgy and orthodox catechesis, mindful of Christ's mission of evangelization and holding fast to the truths and morals of His Church on Earth. The Proto-Cathedral strives to build a lasting faithfulness to the Gospel in Southwest Washington.

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