Organ Prelude/Postlude for Chanted Vespers
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    I am seeking recommendations for organ preludes and postludes for chanted vespers. We are a Benedictine monastic community, not a parish, and generally it is just us monks with a few listeners in the back of the Church. We chant our office a capella, but are discussing the possibility of introducing organ accompaniment to vespers for solemnities and certain feast days.

    I am not looking for pieces specifically written for Divine Office, but rather any piece which you think would be a fitting complement. It is a big, echoing basilica, so when there are few people inside, the organ is very loud. So I'm looking for pieces which can be done justice on a "quiet" setting, probably (but not necessarily) just one or two 8' flutes.

    I appreciate any and all recommendations. Peace be with you.

    Br. Leo
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    The Gregorian Organist by Carlo Rossini. PM me and I’ll send you a pdf.
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    Music based on chant melodies can work well, esp. based on Office hymns and Magnificat tones. Some of the better known composers include:

    Jean Titelouze (early 17th c.)
    Nicholas de Gringy (late 17th c.)
    Alexandre Guilmant (19th c.) - Liturgical Organist
    Dom Paul Benoit (20th c.)
    Flor Peeters (20th c.)
    Gerald Near (late 20th-21st c.) - St. Augustine Organbook; Chantworks (3 vols.)

    The works of the first three are available at IMSLP (follow links above).

    More ideas at this discussion.
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    Dear Stimson and Rich,

    Wow, I did not expect so many recommendations so quickly, thank you! Stimson, I will contact you regarding the PDF. Thank you both very much.

    Br. Leo
  • Br. Leo,

    I strongly second Stimson's and Rich's recommendations, especially if you can get a hold of Dom Benoit's music, since he was a Benedictine.

    Also, here are some that I have been using recently, and they're very prayerful and easy to play:

    J. F. Couperin (18th c.) Mass of the Convents/Mass of the Parishes (Little pieces based on chant ordinaries.)
    Various (18th-19th c.) Organ Book
    Fr. Domenico Zipoli (18th c.) Tablature Sonatas (The first half is for the organ.)
    Nicohlas Lemmens (19th c.) - School of Organ (Organ pieces with progressive difficulties.)
    Johann Diebold (late 19th-20th c.) - The Catholic organist in the High Mass and Requiem (German titles. Note: The edition on the bottom is not public domain in country of origin.)

    Here are two pieces that are really beautiful preludes.
    Franck: Andantino in E-flat Major
    Zipoli: All'Elevazione in Fa

    Hope all goes well! What a wonderful thing to be able to share your gift to praise Him! Please remember us in your prayers as you play on that organ!

    All to Jesus, All through Mary,

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  • You may find Pachelbel's Magnificat fugues of use, and there is no lack of variety.
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    Dear all,

    Thank you, thank you for the many recommendations. AlpineOrganist, don't worry, you are prayed for; that is our life. Peace be with you.

    Br. Leo