IntoAccount’s full report on David Haas
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    This report was released this week. “Disgusting” and “sordid” don’t begin to describe his behavior.

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    Guess who will be getting "dust and ashes" in his Christmas stocking this year?
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    This is so sad! It makes me so upset that this is the first thing some people think of when someone mentions the Catholic church.
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    GIA was complicit for a long time. The company looked the other way because he was their #1 hitmaker.

    The report surpasses what I imagined the worst could be.

    David Haas systematically and deliberately used his music and church ministry and celebrity stature to provide grooming, seduction, manipulation and sudden attack opportunities for four decades. His teen music ministry camp was apparently a vehicle to provide him with a steady stream of adoring, trusting, impressionable, vulnerable young women away from the safety of friends and family.

    That this went on for so long... executives at GIA and authorities in his diocese have some deep soul searching to do. And some heads should roll besides David's.
  • Why is there no mention of criminal proceedings?
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  • Why is there no mention of criminal proceedings?

    I would guess two reasons:

    * Outside the scope of the report
    * Statutes of limitations probably apply in many if not most cases
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    Re: no mention of criminal proceedings, the first few pages of the report provide history and speculative explanation. I won't repeat the specific offense here, but the first reported offense in 1979 was certainly something criminally prosecutable and should have resulted in felony criminal charges. Because the offense occurred at a church function, a counselor reported it to archdiocesan clergy, even to the bishop, all of whom intimidatingly said that the 13 year-old girl was responsible and she should be ashamed. The dismissive clergy were all later revealed to have been deeply involved in covering up clergy sexual abuse of minors in the archdiocese. Why the counselor who assisted the girl didn't go to the police? I don't know. It's unclear whether the victim's parents knew.

    The speculative part that follows is that David might have been coached by those same clergy about how to be more selective and discreet and to play the long bonding game in order to reduce the likelihood that a victim would report an assault or that an assault would be prosecutable. Evidence also appears to reveal that David would groom minors in their teens, becoming markedly more aggressive after their 18th birthdays as a tactic to avoid prosecution because the victims were of legal age and the offenses not as clear-cut nor felonious as the first 1979 offense. Lack of witnesses in many cases also reduced the likelihood of being prosecuted even if an assault had been reported to law enforcement.
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    It’s so sad

    “For the sake of his sorrowful passion, have mercy on us and on the whole world.“
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  • My choir had a bonfire made of all of David Haas’s music. And they did so without my prompting. Made me proud.
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    In reality, Haas should be a wealthy man by now and not need to ever work again.
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    I think that's why he's gone away quietly, and I bet he also got a nice settlement check from GIA to go away quietly and to allow his music to be buried. The ride's over, but he doesn't need it anymore.
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    Wish I could be sure that in the future when the furor dies down, someone wont bring his music back.
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    I was confused by his contradictory behaviors, but he explained it by saying that God allowed us to love more than one person intimately, and that his ability to feel love toward more than one woman was part of that.

    ... On the way there, he apologized, but again said that God did not intend us to be monogamous...

    Over the years, David talked to me about some of his beliefs and thoughts about love and relationships. The ideas he talked about the most were:
    1) that God did not create us to love only one person, and that we were called to express that love in physical, as well as spiritual, ways...

    On the positive side, the theologically vapid works of someone who theologically opposes the moral dogma of Christian monogamy have been stricken from the Catholic repertoire.

    Now let us wait, however, for the other shoe to drop: the cancellation of some great hymn writers from the past on spurious grounds like having held now-outmoded political opinions back when viable alternatives were worse.
  • Chrism, I could see that happening in, say, PCUSA or the Southern Baptists. But the wing of the "one" HC&A Church that is likely to do that doesn't really use those hymns anyway, and the wing that does use them doesn't do cancel culture.
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    I tend to agree with Bishop Stika that one is innocent until proven guilty. When I turn on the TV it seems I am bombarded with hysteria after hysteria on things that have not been properly investigated or substantiated. So bring forth the charges and either prove them or drop them. However, I must admit the evidence is stacking up and it doesn't sound good at all. I just retired from church music but I can assure you I never used this composer's music. I thought it was trash and stand by that.
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    Haas has said "I have come to realize that I have caused great harm to a variety of people. I make no excuses for any harm that I may have caused. I take responsibility for my behavior and I am truly sorry." That is not an admission of any particular incident, but it is an admission of serious sin. It was published, by Haas, on July 9. As Bishop Stika wrote "a person has a presumed innocence until the person either admits guilt or ...". Is accepting responsibilty the same as admitting guilt, not perhaps in US law.
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    Bishop Stika is a fair-minded person who wants to gather facts before making off-the-cuff judgements. Nothing at all wrong with that. Don't get into U.S. law. You'll be there all week and still prove nothing. Everything is subject to appeal.

    SNAP, on the other hand, is the proverbial bunch of old ladies in tennis shoes. They leap to every judgement, protest when the sun comes up, will do anything to get press coverage, and are not the most rational of people to begin with.

    I think there are other reasons to not use music composed by Haas. It is not worthy of liturgy, is badly written, and can be thrown out for many reasons of taste, suitability, and artistic worth - or lack of it. Perhaps this scandal just adds to the many valid reasons for not purchasing or using his compositions.
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    Everything in this report about Haas's behavior is truly disgusting, but I'm surprised nobody has mentioned two parts that really stuck out to me about his music!

    Page 16: "Many survivors reported to us that, “David played by his own set of rules.” For the most
    part, it seems, every institution that might have constrained or disciplined his abusive
    behaviors, whether in the church, the Catholic educational system, or the liturgical
    publishing industry, allowed “David’s rules” to override other considerations: financial
    norms, musical quality, and of course, the physical and spiritual safety of women and

    BINGO. It's unclear if the demand for his music existed before GIA promoted it heavily, but it is clear that at any rate, they made him what he was, and I believe help cement his (unearned IMO) "celebrity status" within the community, and inflate his own ego.

    Page 19, quoting an unnamed "composer colleague":
    “For the last 25 years or so, DH put out an *obscene* amount of music and other publications, more than any other composer I know by a very long shot. It was pretty universally accepted that the music was of terrible quality (almost all the songs people mourn were written early on, most people couldn’t name any of the recent ones). He would even re-record old songs for no apparent reason multiple times. I always wondered why he put so much stuff out (it doesn’t make financial sense) and why he didn’t care about the quality. I’m realizing that his whole life was structured around this pattern of abuse. At recording sessions and conferences he would abuse. But when he was home, he would manically create projects because they gave him access to the studio and to conferences to promote it. It was an obsession. This is also why he would get so upset when Kate [Kate Williams, Senior Managing Editor at GIA Publications] would try to slow him down. Ego, sure. But I think it was more akin to a serial predator who saw his access to victims being taken away.”

    Sobering, sad, and disgusting to say the least. I hope the Catholic music publishing industry learns a big lesson from this. I will withhold any further comment.
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    I hope the Catholic music publishing industry learns a big lesson from this. I will withhold any further comment.

    They never learn. They serve another God, $$$$$$
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    Charles... it is spelled, god, with a small G.
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    Oh No. I am afraid $$$$$$ has eclipsed YHWH in our culture. Ask most pastors which is more important.
  • Like I said long ago before being “silenced” for reporting the truth,
    It was only matter of time. And I will continue to say what it needs to be said so no one will be subjected to these predators in the future.

    I will continue to say that many knew and many more will need to respond for this so we can clean up all of the our so-called music libraries and toss so many “modern” hymnals.
    This individual wrote music and played with many composers, singers that knew. No one can deny that.
    And hopefully one day we’ll really play and listen to the music that is sacred by nature that moves our souls rather than our bellies and the wallets.
    I wonder who can “cancel” now all of those that have spoken the truth for years but only found rejection l, walls in front of them and people too scared to stand for the truth.
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