1960s Rock Gloria featuring Peter Cetera
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    I had never heard this before today:

    Great composition for the 1960s guitar rock style, and I admire how skillfully they set the text to that genre of music, but it's not appropriate for Mass and sounds so dated today.

    I'll save this to share with people when conversations arise about bringing secular musical styles into Mass. Today's praise and worship style of liturgical music will probably sound as dated as this Gloria does in a decade or two.
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  • Would still rather listen to this than the drivel that gets passed off as Ordinaries today. "At least they tried," I would think.
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  • It almost sounds like a bad Beatles impersonation.
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  • "At least they tried,"
    But what were they trying to do? It does not seem to me like an attempt to encourage congregational participation.
    NB I was 28 in 1966, I do remember those times, though not music of that style in church.
  • I love the rabbit holes this site leads me down.

    It's so bad but I can't bring myself to turn it off!

    Will someone explain to me why the words are from the recent missal. Is our current revised English a return to an earlier English translation after the Council?
  • PolskaPiano - yes the first translations were accurate. It was only with the NO that ICEL dumbed it down.
  • Sounds like bad Beetles, indeed.

    Lots of reciting tones. I clearly see how this is a natural development from chanting recto tono.

    Loved the "Jazz cord" at the end too.
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  • Serviam-- I thought similarly about the reciting tones, though I smiled at the chord changes and walking bass underneath
  • It's not an attempt to encourage congregational participation, it's an attempt to fit the Ordinary to classic rock. If they wanted congregations to sing, they should've just used Missa VIII.
  • Yes, if you call it a Folk Mass it falls within SC§119 " In certain parts of the world, ..., there are peoples who have their own musical traditions, ..."
  • there are peoples who have their own musical traditions, ..."

    Yes, it would seem even demons have their own music. They are, after all, former members of the celestial choir...
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