• Here is an SAB Missa Brevis if you are back to choral singing and can accommodate a small number, or are bereft of male singers to begin with. The organ is optional.

    NB: i am now forgetting that i put this in the wrong category
  • Beautiful!
    Reverent, and with an admirable ritual character.
    I see that you are not afraid of parallel fifths, which may be out of character in your chosen style. Still, it's a very nice missa brevis - one does sort of wish that there was a Gloria.
  • Indeed one does.

    I'm always greatly heartened when I stumble upon new reverent works like these. I was raised on a strictly GIA diet which left me sorely malnourished. Now that I'm a director in my own right, I pivot to all the good stuff and write music of my own as well. It often feels very lonely, however, especially in NO land... So to see new works such as this gives me great joy—the art of true sacred music is not dead, if apparently dormant. Carry on!
  • Very beautiful work. I do have one suggestion. In measure 14 of the Sanctus, you have the strong syllable of Hosanna on beat 2, a weak beat. To me this interrupts the flow of the music. Compare it to measure 24 where you have the same word on the same ascending line of notes. Having the first two syllables of Hosanna divided like measure 24 flows better than measure 14.