GABC/Gregorio Glyph
  • Is there a way to create a neographical descending augmentative liquescent pes initio debilis/cephalicus urgens with a white/hollow beginning note? I can produce it with a black initio debilis note (-eh>), or a regular pes initio debilis with a white note (-er@h>), as illustrated, but I can't get the combination of the two to work. Understandably, -erh> and -erqh> both produce the right form, but entirely white.
    111 x 122 - 1013B
  • I’ve yet to produce that result.
  • Wait there's a market demand for descending augmentative liquescent pedes initio debilibus cephalici urgentes with white/hollow beginning notes?
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  • "Niche market" ;)
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    Or perhaps a Nietzsche market?
  • A hollow initio debilis note surely manifests a tendency toward nihilism.
  • "pppp pensato. He musst not sing ziss note, only think it."
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