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    My name is Fr. Andrew Mattingly and I'm the associate pastor at a parish in Kansas City, MO called Our Lady of Good Counsel. I've been a member of CMAA for the past five years or so, and really appreciate accessing this forum from time to time for answers and insights on various things!

    The pastor and I at my parish are looking to hire a full-time director of sacred music and organist. We're blessed to be assigned to a wonderful, traditionally-minded Novus Ordo parish (we do EF Masses periodically throughout the year, too) that has seen significant growth over the past three years in particular, going from 400 folks on a weekend to about 600 currently. We are comprised mostly of young adults and young families. The average age of the parish is probably in the 30-range, and, other than the Latin Mass parishes in Kansas City, we have the largest homeschooling community in our metro area.

    Our parish choir has been singing polyphony for 20 years, with a few members familiar with Gregorian chant. Our parishioners also joyfully and confidently sing the Ordinary of Mass VIII, and we'd love to expand that to other Mass settings, too. As the parish grows, we have some big dreams to form additional choirs/scholas, to offer sacred music courses to any of our homeschool families that would like their children to learn that, etc. Additionally, there is a Catholic classical high school (in the Chesterton Schools Network model) that will opening in the near vicinity of our parish in Fall 2021. The school will likely make use of our parish for their daily Masses. This doesn't have anything to do specifically at the moment with this director of sacred music position, but I mention it just to convey that there are a number of good Catholic cultural developments regarding intellectual and liturgical beauty that are sort of rising up around Good Counsel.

    In any case, you can read the full job description below. We tried to give as much info about the parish and position as possible -- maybe the 4-page job description is overkill -- but we wanted to be as thorough as possible because we're committed to finding the right person for this position! Thanks for considering joining our parish community and leading us to glorify God with the most beautiful sacred music possible!

    Fr. Mattingly

    link to job application: https://careers.hireology.com/thecatholicdioceseofkansascitystjoseph/444701/description
    parish website (if you're curious): www.goodcounselkc.org
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