Singing/Chanting/Saying the Divine Office
  • So here I sit with the following volumes arrayed in front of me, a retired church music director/organist who has taken up what has become for me the meditative reading practice known as the Divine Office or LOTH.

    I’m trying (and almost figuring it out by trial, error and guesswork) how they all work together. I would ask the help of experts here, maybe even any sources that could serve as almost a “course” the DO/LOTH. I enjoy process and systems and how a complex process comes together. Having said that it occasionally feels like in that sense I am “in over my head.” (BTW, I “do” both the OF LOTH as well as the 1960 rubrics Divine Office/Breviary by Baronius every day. It is calming and encouraging in these awful times.)

    LOTH by Catholic Book Publishing, four volumes. (I do not own nor do I anticipate buying the Latin only version since the USCCB will be issuing the new LOTH, inshallah, in a couple years.)
    Hymnal for the Hours, GIA (wish it had Sunday antiphons for Benedictus/Magnificat/Nunc Demittis, though, not just ferials)

    Baronius Breviary
    Antiphonale Romanum I & II Solesmes
    Liber Hymnarius Solesmes
    Psalterium Monasticum Solesmes

    Antiphonale Monasticum 1934 (I am aware that this book applies exclusively to Benedictine practice and that my Breviary doesn’t line up with their order of psalms, etc.)

    Antiphonale Monasticum I, II, III Solesmes

    Processionale Monasticum (aware this isn’t really needed for private recitation but I was curious as to what it was)

    I am also planning to have printed and bound (simply) the Liber Antiphonarius 1949 (or 1898) and Psalmi in Notis 1903. From what I can tell by a cursory look so far is that these two books can serve as the musical partners to my Baronius Breviary especially because of how detailed Psalmi in Notis is and how it can serve as a primer on basic psalm chanting.

    So my questions would be
    1. Is there a skilled Latinist on these boards who either has translated the Latin frontmatter for some or all of these Solesmes volumes or would be willing (and not gratis, either)?
    2. Can anyone chart a schema textually or graphically for me as to what books and what parts therein go with what parts of the LOTH and Breviary?
    3. Would said knowledgable person be willing to do a zoom session or phone or the like (probably more than one session) with both of us having the required books in front of us, and for compensation? Or should I just poll Catholic priests in my city and see who might be able and willing? We have actually one definitively committed EF church and its only a couple miles from my home. I also stream daily both OF and EF masses, reading along with the respective missals.

    I have no issues using the LOTH books and the Breviary. I would just like to integrate the proper (pun intended) music...

    Is there a way to share my email or phone number privately with responders? Please advise if so in your response, if you are able to assist me.

    Many thanks!
  • Daily recordings of (EF) Lauds, Vespers, and Compline are posted at the Dominus regnavit blog. Page numbers are provided for the 1949 Antiphonale Romanum. I am happy to talk about chanting the EF Divine Office, I will try direct messaging you my contact info.

    FYI, 1912 was the year the Vatican Edition of the Antiphonale came out, so books for the office which pre-date that are prone to have variances from what came after.
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    The Liber Antiphonarius (1949) is not very user friendly but does have most of what you need, for Matins you would need this, or but wonder how many differences you will find with the 1962 Office.

    We chant parts of the Office from the 1949 AR and L.U. (which is easier to use), but we follow a pre-1955 Calendar with all the local Feasts. I have direct messaged my e-mail.