New Source & Summit Platform, SEP Proofreader Needed
  • Hello Friends,

    I have not been on this forum in a while, but wanted to jump on and let you all know about two things:

    1. Illuminare Publications, which I founded in 2011 after producing Simple English Propers with the CMAA, is becoming Source & Summit and we launched our new digital liturgy and music platform into Beta about a month ago. Everything that Illuminare has published, and much more, is available for dynamic use (switch between square and modern notation, change keys, add and remove verses, add harmonizations, etc.) and can be shared digitally or exported to PDF and PNG, all in a beautiful and easy-to-use interface. If you look back in these forums somewhere, you will see that I was talking about this idea over a decade ago—well, it's finally coming to fruition. You can get a free Early Access invitation if you signup here.

    2. Next week we are adding the entire corpus of Simple English Propers, First Edition, to the Source & Summit app. It will also be revised to use the new Abbey Psalms and Canticles, being that the APC has recently superseded and replaced the Revised Grail Psalms. Here's the catch: I have the GABC files from 2010 when I was putting this book together, and Steven van Roode and I made many changes to the manuscript directly after it had been assembled. And so, some of the source melodies need to be reviewed against the print (or PDF) edition and updated to reflect the published version. If anyone here is an avid SEP user with some GABC experience that would like to assist in a full proofread of SEP in this way, please email me at adam (at) sourceandsummit (dot) com. We're able to pay an hourly rate for this work.

    Thank you and many blessings!

    Adam Bartlett
  • It doesn't look like my hyperlinks worked correctly above. Here are the links referenced:

    Click on "Sign up" to get a free Early Access account.
  • Adam,

    I signed up early on to sample your program. Your program is incredible. Your and your team have put detail into each thought. I appreciate the beautiful layout and ease of use. My pastor signed us up with Easy Worship (a protestant based, flashy program) weeks before I heard of this. Switching to your program is my goal with next year's budget proposal. I am sorry we couldn't support your program this year.
  • What an awesome tool!
  • Hi Adam.
    Sent you a private message about being able to help with the proofreading.
  • Signed up, and so excited about it!