Communion Solo Organ Music
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    Hello all,
    I'm looking for music suitable for during Holy Communion at RC Mass. Something along the lines of Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus but perhaps not too melodic/romantic and famous. There are some nice eucharistic hymns but they are all short and repeating them 8 times gets boring. So please can you share some of your secret gems.
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    Here are a couple thst are not Latin

    Hail! Thou living bread - Mozart
    In this Sacrament Sweet Jesus - Mozart

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    I highly recommend the works of Dom Gregory Murray, which are found in 148 Interludes for Organ, available from Kevin Mayhew.
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    Can't beat Frescobaldi.
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    I like trios. Rheinberger wrote a collection of 10, and another of 12. They are exceptional.

    Played one for Prelude this morning. Starts at 3:10 --

    YT mirror of our FB Live video
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    Dom Paul Benoit elevations
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    Thanks all, I should mention that I really can’t afford spending money on new music as I don’t get payed for playing(music situation where I am is pretty dire). Plus there is an issue of copyright and royalties with new stuff. I want to avoid that. I’ll take a look at Rheinberger and Frescobaldi as I can see there are scores on imslp.

    Im really just looking for 5 minute space fillers, nothing fancy or obtrusive or famous, If I could improvise I would do that, till then I need something to read. I found some french church music books, I tried playing a Communion by Montbert but it is way too melodic, like something from a romantic movie set.
  • francisfrancis
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    Liber Organi - 10 volumes - imslp
  • Another collection: les Maitres Contemporains de L'orgue, also on IMSLP.

    Loads of wonderful music by J.G. Herzog, Rheinberger, Bach (his adagios are an overlooked source of looooovely music if the faster/more technical stuff doesn't come as easily to you), Krebs...

    Also search IMSLP for harmonium music. There was a ton of manuals only music written for "Orgue ou Harmonium" in france at the turn of the last century. Lots of "offertoires" and communions. Perfectly lovely works; all free on IMSLP.
  • NihilNominis, that is an amazing sounding organ you have. And very well played too.
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  • NihilNominis, that is an amazing sounding organ you have. And very well played too.

    Looks like pretty much everything about that church is amazing. I'd just about lop off an arm for a church like that. Especially one that has TLM along with the NO.
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    Check out this guy’s videos for ideas. He posts tons of stuff that he plays for daily mass:

    He posts a lot of his videos with links to IMSLP scores on the Facebook group “The Roman Catholic Organist’s Page” I highly suggest joining that group. Mostly romantic rep, but less theatrical than the Montbert
  • Ted
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    Another huge collection of wonderful organ music, mostly anonymous short pieces and meant for liturgical use, is the Livre d'Orgue de Montréal from the time of Louis XIV of France and brought to Montreal in 1724 for Notre-Dame church there. A modern transcription is available at IMSLP in 3 volumes.
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    Im playing through the "Livre d'Orgue de Montréal" and its beautiful, thanks Ted. I really like this type of organ music. It would be perfect for me alas they are too short, most pieces are 1 page, some are 2. So they are about 1-2 min pieces. Having said that It's a very useful addition to my collection. Lovely stuff.
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    You're very kind, Nathan!

    It is a wonderful church with an absolutely gorgeous Romantic instrument. I'd lop off an arm too, Serviam, but I'm already here!
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  • I played one of the Murray interludes tonight for Offertory:

    It's in 5/4, which is a treat, and very "British".

    (One of my high school cantors is singing with me, if you watch more of the Mass: I think she comported herself wonderfully)
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  • The recits of French baroque organ masses would make very good 'communion music'. For instance, Lebegue, de Grigny, Couperin, Raison, Corette etc.
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  • The Livre d'Orgue de Montreal is new to me. And as usual, Les Editions Outremontaises has done more fantastic work. Whoever he is, he's absolutely prodigious. Volume 1 is printing now... :)
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  • NihilNominis, you are welcome.

    I forgot to add this earlier but I agree with irishtenor that Dom Gregory Murray's works make great pieces to insert. I have played several as preludes and they work very well if you need to be flexible with time. You can find a pdf of some of them on Fr Weber's website It is the 24th PDF he has listed under the accompaniments for Propers of the Mass.
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    I should have mentioned that on occasion I also use some of Marcel Dupré's Short Organ Preludes on Gregorian Themes during communion. The harmony may be somewhat modern, but quite enchanting. Once the communicants have finished processing, by the way, I always make sure there is a period of organ silence for a few minutes (this is for the EF Mass).
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