Thank You to Good Accompanists Everywhere!
  • Carol
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    I sang for a funeral Mass today for the first time since March. It was OF and I won't horrify most of you with the details. I was asked to sing at a different church than usual with an organist I had never met. Because of these foreign conditions and because I was worried about being "rusty" I made a few, thankfully small, mistakes. My accompanist was very steady and so these errors were made forgivable (and I pray not noticeable) to most ears. A snooty or less experienced accompanist could have left me out to dry. Thankfully I had a very talented young musician who was also very kind. We singers DO notice when you save our bacon!
  • The reverse is also true. A pleasant, competent singer can make an organist's task so much easier.
  • jcr
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    Many times and the thing that irks accompanists most is the singer (usually) who doesn't even know his bacon has been saved and who is just a bit too haughty about the performance.
    However, I'll share a story that is not mine (I am a singer) but that of a friend of mine. This then young woman had a very big deal audition and obtained the assistance of a very big deal pianist to accompany her. The accompanist was frequently retained for big name singers who came to the LA area in those days. During her first piece for the audition, she drew a memory blank and the adrenaline rush that goes with it. After a too long silence, Madame G---, turned to the scowling faces behind the clipboards and said,"O, my goodness. I'm so sorry but I turned two pages at once. Could we begin again?" Needless to say, my friend was relieved, went on to sing well and the audition opened up some great opportunities for her. Such folks are out there and what a great thing it is when we have them for colleagues.
  • Carol
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    What a lovely anecdote! Nerves are my worst enemy! I know my limitations and do well as long as I don't let my nerves get to me. My right arm was shaking so badly I had to clasp my hands behind my back. If I just remember my place is to give glory to God and comfort to the bereaved, I can forget myself and do well, or at least well enough.
  • davido
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    jcr, that was a truly wonderful accompanist!