OCO 2015: optional antiphons for Nunc dimittis
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    I'm currently reworking my Latin Compline booklet and trying to include the optional antiphons for the Nunc dimittis provided in de 2015 OCO.

    We discussed these antiphons back in 2016 in this thread. This is a follow-up.

    While researching the antiphons again, I finally found the source for the one for Easter and Sundays (Vigilemus omnes cum Christo): Paris, B.N., lat. 903, Graduale de St.-Yrieix, f. 146r

    Great find, but there's no transcription available, as far as I know. Paléographie Musicale XIII (1925) only has ff. 1-133r, which contain the graduale.

    Does someone know of a transcription, or is able to transcribe the chant?
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    I’ve done transcriptions from this source before so I should be able to manage. Give me a couple weeks and I’ll get it to you.
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  • smvanroodesmvanroode
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    Great, many thanks! I'm looking forward to it!