Less then...solemn...responsorial psalm introduction.
  • noel jones, aagonoel jones, aago
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    Great choice of shots of the congregation....did the nun take off her glasses so no one would recognize her and note that not even she was singing?

    Interesting tempos...all of them. (Less THAN...no typing spell check on topics....)
  • Charles in CenCA
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    And people lob (German pun alert) at Alstott such sturm und drang, kvetching und moaning, and howls of derisive laughter for R&A settings. Cologne or AnTWERP, somethin's fragrance was over-ripened in that setting. YMMV...

    That reminds me: could we use YMMV instead of YHWH?
    "Yahmov, I know You are near..." Just asking.
  • incantuincantu
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    What a hot mess. At least there was little snippet of psalm tone 5 in there.
  • My new medium-term goal: to have increasingly little--and eventually nothing--to do with liturgies that use microphones for anything except the sermon (and the vernacular non-ceremonial reading of the lections). Singing into microphones is fine for pop music. It's violently awful in church. Cut the cord. Switch it off.