Organist and Director of Sacred Music - Saint Joseph in Greenville, MS
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    Saint Joseph Catholic Church in Greenville, MS is seeking a full-time Organist and Director of Sacred Music. This is an exciting opportunity for a musician of exceptional ability. The parish seeks to establish a program of Sacred Music and Liturgy which is in accord with the authentic vision of the Second Vatican Council, and would be worthy of the attention of this forum community and other like-minded proponents of the Sacred Liturgy.

    The primary duties of the Director is the promotion of Sacred Music in the parish through the planning and execution of music for the three sung Masses on the weekend, the Wednesday Mass at the high school, as well as funerals, weddings, holy days, and other necessary liturgical celebrations. The parish has a Pre K-12th Grade school, and envisions the establishment of an "after school choir school" according to the RSCM schema, which will serve to bolster the parish choir as necessary and create a culture of sacred music on the school campus.

    Please see the full description, attached. Our website is
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