Repairs begin on organ of Notre Dame
    I saw this article today from the AGO Facebook page.
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    Thanks for sharing this, Nathan.

    Bertrand is a friend of a friend, and I was able to meet him when he did a tour of the US about three years ago while they were reinstalling the organ. I'm really surprised they didn't mention him or his firm in the article.
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    C'est un groupement d'entreprises, qui est chargé du vaste chantier du démontage. Quoirin (mandataire du chantier) et l'Atelier Cattiaux et Chevron, a été réquisitionné pour sa connaissance parfaite de l'instrument. La manufacture languedocienne de grandes orgues s'est ajoutée à l'opération. « Nous avons un délai de cinq mois pour ce démontage. Il fallait donc bien trois équipes à l'ouvrage », souligne Bertrand Cattiaux. Il sait de qui il parle : il a déjà démonté l'instrument pour une restauration complète en 1990. En 2012 et 2014, il a aussi sorti tous les tuyaux pour une grande remise à niveau de l'instrument.

    You can translate it if you wish. The gist is the firms of Pascal Quorin and Bertrand Cattiaux have been brought in to do the removal because of their perfect knowledge of the instrument. The group Manufacture languediocieene has also been added. Cattiaux knows the instrument well as he was the one who did the cleaning of the instrument in 2012 and 2014.
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    Merci pour ça!
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    Trying to translate : the works of dismantling the organ are entrusted to a group of businesses : Quoirin (the representative in charge of the works), and Atelier Cattiaux and Chevron, have been requisitionned because of their thorough knowledge of the instrument. The Manufacture languedocienne de grandes orgues has joined the operation. "We are given five months for the dismantling. We really needed to have three teams on the job", underlines Bertrand Cattiaux. He knows his stuff : in 1990, he already conducted a previous dismantling of the instrument for a full restoration. In 2012 and 2014, he also took out all the pipes for a major upgrade of the instrument.