Choir for Christmas?
  • Has anyone thought about the possibility of no choir this year for Christmas? Is it too early to think about? I normally plan music on the premise that I will have a full SATB choir. Does anyone have any suggestions for Christmas music in the absence of a choir this year? Any favorite (and easy) organ repertoire or music that can be sung by a lone cantor or my six children (ages 2-11)? I am thinking I will need a Plan A (choir) and Plan B (no choir).
  • I have thought about just instrumental music.
    Normally this is time of year I start proposing new choral pieces for Christmas, but we cannot get together to practice, so that's about out.
  • MarkB
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    This is easy. Just plan familiar, beloved Christmas carols that the congregation can join in singing or will at least enjoy hearing if congregational singing is discouraged in your region. If Covid is still disrupting people's lives at Christmas, they will want musical comfort food.
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    I won't be picking out Christmas music until (1) choirs are allowed again or (2) Dec. 24th, whichever comes first.
  • I've been doing largely the same thing, sometimes waiting until Sunday Morning to choose hymns for Mass. It's a good thing my cantor can sight read... not to mention we have screens (ugh...).
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    And this dynamic may also obtain through Easter.

    (Just remember: for every silver lining there is at least one cloud.)
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  • I've been picking music a few weeks out, but always with the expectation that I may have to revise it to accommodate new circumstances. Our choir doesn't sing during the summer, and we are a smaller church (Newman Center), so even during the year our schola is never more than 10 guys (most of the time closer to 5). We will probably be able to do something with the schola this school year, but will have to wait and see. Currently we have no congregational singing, but a socially distanced, small choir is allowed.

    As far as Christmas, we normally have a smaller musical offering than a typical church since most of the students are gone. Last year Christmas day mass was just me. I set up a mic at the organ and accompanied myself.
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    These might help to get singing allowed again.
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    Great thread. I usually have Christmas planned by now, taking into account the new music that I may offer and the time it takes my singers to learn new pieces. I am not even close to having a program set this year. So far in my diocese in New York, I am allowed one singer and myself as the organist/cantor. I am working through which hymns can be done with a quartet of singers using appropriate social distancing. It seems that we may have to do several masses since we aren't allowed to fill the church and accommodate all of the parishioners at once. This is a problem for those of us accustomed to midnight masses. I have chosen to approach this year as an opportunity to do some of my best work. Let's hope that I'm not kidding myself.
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