Hymn to Saint Helena?
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    Out of curiosity, does anyone have a hymn to St. Helena on hand?

    I've seen a few texts in the Analecta but I was hoping for something that's been sung in the last 200 years or so.

    (If there's nothing personalized for this saint, I'd use hymns for Holy Women, or for the Finding of the Cross or Exaltation of the Cross.)
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    There is an English hymn to St. Helen (feast day in one month) in THE PAROCHIAL HYMN BOOK by Father Anatole Police of 1883. I have scanned it here for you.
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    I came across this hymn, with the melody captioned "St. Helena", in a non-Catholic source, Hymns Ancient and Modern (melody edition). If you need the accompaniment, I'm sure you can readily find the complete work online.

    The words to this hymn, if you examine them, could "fit" for many saints--and definitely St. Helena!
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