A hymn for Our Lady of Mount Carmel
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    Well, this is suitable for today!

    A CMAA member found the text of this hymn in an old hymnal, and lacking a specified tune, set it to Aurelia. He sent it to Janet in case anyone else would be interested, so I engraved it and am sharing it here.
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    Lovely piece, what program do you use for typesetting/arranging?
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    That's made with Lilypond.
  • Can someone help with this translation from the Spanish, and its rendering into poetry?

    To Thee, o Queen, we come,
    Thou who are the beautiful flower of Carmel,
    Singing sweet hymns of glory in Thine honor
    We ???? ......
    with great faith and fervent love
    We seek?? Thee, Holy Virgin,
    Thy chaste and pure love.
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    "Prostrate at your feet," I think.
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  • A bit late, but here's two booklets containing Spanish hymns to Our Lady of Mount Carmel. The first one is from Pamplona (1908) and the second one is from Valladolid (1962). "A Vos, Reina, venimos" is hymn 16 in the second booklet.
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  • A non-metrical translation:

    1. To thee, O Queen, we come
    O beautiful blossom of Carmel,
    Singing sweet hymns of glory in thine honour
    We prostrate at thy feet.
    With great faith and ardent love,
    We seek, O holy Virgin,
    Thy chaste and pure love.

    2. The holy scapular is a heav'nly garment,
    A precious medal of grace without equal:
    Dearly protect those who wear it,
    And in ev'ry trial aid them, both on land and sea.

    3. Lum'nous star, celestial dawn,
    Kindly protect us miserable mortals.
    Let thy sorrowed heart rejoice,
    And send us thy holy blessing.

    4. Joyful we come today, O Royal Daughter of Zion,
    Singing to thee countless heartful strains of praise.
    Grant us, O dearest Mother, thy ablest grace
    And at the end of our lives receive us in peace.