Catholic SATB Hymn Survey

    Sacred Music Library / Frog Music Press.
    Noel Jones, Editor

    Please consider voicing your opinion on a list of hymns for a hymnal for a congregation containing only SATB hymns.
    For example, Be Thou My Vision is a unison, not SATB hymn and would not be in the book.
    Check off ones that you think should NOT be in the book, you may add comments at the bottom of the long list - and also suggest ones we may have missed.

    Thank you, your input is valuable to us.

  • What about hymns such as "Praise my soul the King of Heaven" (certain verses are in unison, others are in harmony)?

    I think I have seen before certain arrangements of "Be Thou my vision" with singable SATB parts.
  • chonakchonak
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    I'd add two:
    "How shall I sing that majesty" (Naylor, COE FEN) - maybe the permission would cost too much?
    "O Sacred Heart" (Terry)
  • OSH, for SURE!

    Oxford has COE FEN pretty well tied up in copyrights.