Online sight-singing exercises
  • Nisi
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    Can anyone recommend an online tutorial course or a graded set of sing-singing exercises for singers? Thank you!
  • JonathanKKJonathanKK
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    The FSSP has solfege resources meant for learning chant notation HERE.
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  • sergeantedward
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    @Nisi I am teaching an online tutorial to my choir right now.

    Some fabulous resources are:
    * EarMaster (software gives you realtime, accurate feedback on your singing, showing if you are sharp or flat and includes a built-in beginner course)
    * SightReadingFactory
  • JL
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    If you want to go super old-school, the Cole and Lewis Melodia is available online at the Internet Archive.

    Generations at my high school trained on this one. I still remember a few of the more interesting excerpts.
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  • francisfrancis
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    Hi Jonathan:

    Those are great... is there a way to download all the mp3 and pdf files in one fell swoop?
  • JonathanKKJonathanKK
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    Francis - I don't know. Those pages are not something that I've had opportunity to use, I just have them flagged in my head for a useful resource of that kind.
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