1960 Liber Antiphonarius GABCs available
  • I've typeset just about all of the Chants in the 1960 Liber Antiphonarius (over 1500 Scores) found at https://musicasacra.com/2016/10/antiphonale-romanum/ and made them available on my GitHub page.
    You can find them at https://github.com/ahinkley/liber-antiphonarius-1960

    I would like to make them available on GregoBase but there's no bulk upload feature yet.
  • francisfrancis
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    Hi Andrew:

    Thanks for the magnanimous effort.

    I would like to download not only this file but also the other two you have available... do you have a single complete PDF of all of your works?

    Thanks again!
  • quilisma
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    Monumental !
    A thousand thanks. Or should that be 1500+ thanks?
  • Julio_GarridoJulio_Garrido
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    Andrew, this is outstanding, thank you very much for your patience and effort into making this valuable resource available. It comes just when I needed it the most. I thank you and I thank God.