Chanting the Little Office - Common tones
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    When chanting the Little Office, which tones are to be used for the Deus in adjutorium and Benedicamus Domino? Always the simple tones? Or determined by the liturgical celebration of the day as for the Divine Office?

    I don' see any instructions on this in the Antiphonale Romanum.

    Thank you!
  • tomjaw
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    I presume you are using the Little Office of the BVM...

    Here is a full version with music... Office B.V.M..pdf?dl=0
  • a_f_hawkins
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    SuscipeMeDomine - so the 1893 instruction is simple tone except at vespers, matins and lauds on doubles.
  • JonathanKKJonathanKK
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    Anyone who wants to, PM me and I can email you my work-in-progress book for singing the Little Office, for your personal use and non-distribution. One of these years I will finish it...

    My theory for a long time has been that since the AR is silent about this issue, the least inventive solution is to just use the common tones in the same fashion as for the full office.

    A thing I have wondered about: how exactly did the AR foresee its music for the Little Office being used? Was the Little Office seen as a stand-alone service, or something to be inserted into the singing of the full office? Or was the music just included "lest it should perish"?
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