Fugue in D Minor : for Organ (manuals alone) : by Francis Koerber
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    Very nice.
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    Hey Sir, ever since browsing this site, I have to say I'm astounded by your innovation and I ask: do you have a one source database for your works that can be accessed by the public? If so can you be so kind as to share a link?
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    Hi sdtalley3

    Welcome to the forum!

    Thank you for posting your work. They are intriguing, and I especially laud you for composing them in Latin as they then become timeless and accessible to the universal church.

    You can view some of my pieces on a website (MyOpus.com), but the corpus of my earlier works (perhaps 1000 pieces or so) is still in two boxes in the storage room. My later works are on my computer (using Sibelius).

    Lately I have been attempting to set GC with organ accompaniments in a more illuminated fashion using Adobe Cloud. You can see a couple of samples on the forum. Being a vector geek since 1990 (Illustrator 1.0b) I like not only the musical aspect of sacred music but the visual artistic is also wonderful and needs to be revived.

    For the past ten years, all of my sacred music has been almost exclusively composed in Latin and therefore is rarely performed. It is also more challenging than most choirs dare to approach, mostly larger cathedrals/basilicas, which are few.

    I will share with you here the opening movement to my Large Scale Requiem which I composed about twenty years ago. It still has not been performed. In this particular version, the string orchestra has been reduced to the organ. The original score includes a full string section.


    Please continue to post on our forum and share your work. Composers of sacred music are a very small group, and need to support and encourage one another in this sublime sacred art to which we are so devoted.

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    Thank you,
    as I was going around the forum I was intrigued by you Requiem and I have to say "quite impressive". I saw some of the concerns about this in another section of the forum, and to me (my views are very conservative musically), have both options for voice(s)+Orchestration, and voice(s) and organ. Different options for ensembles are a plus. For EF mass performance, I'd leave that discretion to the local ordinary.

    I will continue to post some my own work here and there when I get some time to look it over it.

    Also, if you could please have a look at the new composition: If, Then, Thou Seekest Miracles I posted a few days back. I understand where some of the gentlemen's comments are coming from, but there are aspects like the main melody and harmony I am not willing to change because to me it has good flow.

    Thank you, and I look forward to seeing more of the body of you work.