Translating Gemma nitens
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    I've been wrestling with a translation of Gemma nitens, found in a 2-part 14c setting. The text and a different rendering can be seen in this booklet, track 6. Here's my current draft, but corrections & suggestions to a non-latinist are always welcome:

    Shining gem,
    more splendid than the sun,
    brighter than the day,
    ruled by the almighty King,
    by thy excelling grace
    empress of the court of heaven:

    aid [stand by?] us sinners,
    unending font of forgivness,
    help us all and in
    rememberance show yourself
    kind mother of gladness.

    Fill the penitent
    who turns to thee
    with solace of mind,
    and preserve the flock,
    O parent, with prayers
    addressed to the King.

    Virgin, full of grace by the messenger Gabriel,
    be for all the guilty salvation and victory,
    whose true birth [issue, perhaps]
    demonstrates virginity
    kept in pure chastity,
    a shining sun of justice
    upon the eternal way,
    a gate to the church,
    firm in its order.

    Gemma nitens,
    sole splendidior,
    clariorque die,
    sub regis imperio

    omnium precellentissima gracia,
    imperatrix in celi curia,

    astes nobis peccantibus
    vena perhennis venie,
    succure nobis omnibus
    vultu memorie,
    pia mater leticie,

    imple penitentem,
    ad te convertentem
    mentis solamine,
    et conserva gregem,
    genitrix, apud regem
    dato precamine:

    virgo nuncio Gabriele plena gracia,
    esto cunctis reis salus victoria,

    nato prole veritas,
    patet quod virginitas
    manet pura castitas

    per eternas semitas
    fulgens ut sol justicie:
    porta fit ecclesie
    stabilis sua serie.
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