Introitus, Graduale et Offertorium for a Tridentine Nuptial Mass
  • Nicola
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    Good Morning, my name is Nicola and I'm writing from Italy. Because of my wedding, I need to find the composer (and even the sheets) of the Introitus, the Gradual and the Offertory for the tridentine nuptial mass celebrated in this video at points:
    - min. 20.30 Introitus "Deus israel conjungat vos..";
    - min. 36.20 Graduale: "Uxor tua sicut vitis abúndans in latéribus domus tua";
    - min. 56.30 Offertorium: "In te speravi, Dómine: dixi.."

    I would be grateful if you could help me. The coral is the São João Bosco, de Varre-Sai - RJ", but I can't reach them. Could you help me?
    Ringraziando in anticipo, porgo distinti saluti.
    Nicola Laricchia
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  • Jeffrey Quick
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    It's just a falsobordone, and the same one for all 3 propers. Now, WHICH falsobordone could be difficult, as most of us don't use them much, alas. This one sounds like it may be comparatively new (within the last century). Is this Portugal, or Brazil? I would make a difference in where to look, I suspect the organ introductions are improvised. Otherwise, it's conceivable that somebody could transcribe from the recording, though it would mean listening to that choir, which is not the best.

    The idea of setting the Propers to a falsobordone is a good one, and if we can't find the specific one, maybe you can find another that you like. It's basically the classy version of the Rossini Propers. As you've probably noticed, there aren't many composed settings of the Proper for the Wedding Mass, and almost none from the Renaissance. I assume you have considered the chant; why have you decided against it?
  • Nicola,

    Congratulations on your up-coming wedding.

    To Jeffrey's point, I have a setting of Uxor Tua, which I wrote for a friend but didn't complete in time for the choir to use at his wedding.

  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    Here's the Introit Deus Israel conjungat vos, set as close as my ears could hear it, to the falsobordone chant in the video. I was swept away by the beautiful simplicity and simple beauty of this chant ... in truth, I have been reduced to tears of joy by this music.

  • CHGiffenCHGiffen
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    I should add that in the video, the Communio Ecce sic benedicetur is also sung to the same chant, at about the 1:26:10 mark.