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    I wrote a 3-part Mass - Kyrie, Sanctus, Agnus Dei in honor of the Holy Trinity and I thought I'd share it here. It is supposed to go with Mass XI. (3 singers are all we are supposed to have in our choir loft, hence the voicing...) There is a tri-tone in the low voice in the Kyrie, but I like it, and it's doable.

    Let me know if you ended up using it; I hope it adds to the beauty of your parish's Mass. I wrote it two ways - one with a lower voicing and one with a higher. Both are included here. God bless you!

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    Very nice! Any way you could change the category to New Compositions/Works in Progress? Easier to look it up later.
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    Very fine indeed.
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    Really nice work! But I am puzzled by the vocal ranges . Aside from the two octave range for the Baritone or Bass, there are some rather high notes in the top voices.

    SABar version.
    Kyrie: Soprano to a high B-flat? Instead of E-flat minor, perhaps transposed down to C-minor would be better (high G in soprano), or maybe C-sharp minor.
    Sanctus: F-sharp minor seems a bit too high (high A for the soprano). Perhaps transposed down to E-minor would fit better.

    ATBass version.
    Kyrie: Alto to a high G-sharp? Instead of C-sharp minor, perhaps transposed down to A-minor would be better (high E in Alto), or maybe B-flat minor.
    Sanctus: E-flat minor seems a bit too high (high G-flat for the alto). Perhaps transposed down to C-sharp minor or even C-minor would be better (the bass final note could be taken up an octave, if necessary).
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    @CHGiffen - Your point is well-taken. The Mass was written for a very specific group of people at my church for whom this sounded good and right. But if anyone is interested, with the power of three or so clicks of the mouse on Sibelius, I can transpose it as you would like. :) Just let me know!
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    Man, I know how hard it is to write 3 part, I reckon it is harder to write for and sing than 4 part cos it demands more of each singer. I too have written 3 part mass settings and found it to be a challenge. This is great, I'll try have a crack at it sometime soon.