The establishment of a choir "school" program
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    I am happy to announce that my school in Palm Springs,FL (part of West Palm Beach) St. Luke will expand the choir program in the Fall 2020 for girls and boys to have daily rehearsals as part of the school day. Each choir (we have boys and girls) will rehearse daily 4 days a week and sing the weekly school Mass, a Sunday Mass and feast days not listed as a solemnity during each month of the school term. We will start out slow with the feasts with each group singing one feast day a month and work our way to singing them regularly over the course of the next two years. Rehearsals will last one hour and combined with vocal teaching outside of choir, encouragement to study piano and involvement in the band program will build a substantial program in the coming years. Choirs will sing the propers, a Latin Ordinary, hymns and motets as driven by the liturgical year. Choirs will be vested and also have an outside of Mass dress uniform for secular appearances as driven by the Director. This is the first of several goals I have been working for over the last several years and is a long desired wish on the part of myself and the Pastor. Though we are not a choir school, more and more we are looking like it. I am grateful to my Pastor for helping to make this happen and hope that it will encourage others to attend to this possibility.
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    Great news!!
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    Best of luck!
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    God speed in this worthy endeavor!
  • Hi Kevin,

    Would you be willing to consult with me, perhaps by Skype/Zoom/etc? I would love to bend your ear about your program structure and scheduling rehearsals within the school day.

    I am several years behind you, in developing a new program (with the intention of becoming a choir school down the road).
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    Absolutely. PM me.