Catholic Churches dedicated to St. Patrick
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    I was reading through 1936 March issue of The Caecilia Magazine, pg. 109 for those who might want to look it up and a survey conducted in 1934 revealed over 600 Catholic Churches in the USA dedicated to St. Patrick. I was wondering if there was a way to find out if that number has grown or lessened in the last 86 years?
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    Not USA, but Liverpool(UK) diocese has 6, one of which is 1964, the others 1932 or older, and one of the six is on the Isle of Man and not in England (nor the UK). No closed buildings, one merged into another parish.
    Possibly among the non-catholic churches counted as England there are two CofE active on the Isle of Man, plus a Cathedral derelict for over 350 years (but still nominally the Cathedral until a few years ago). [CORRECTION]The Cathedral is on St Patrick's Isle, but dedicated to St German (local bishop, not Germanus of Auxerre)
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    D. Of Harrisburg, 2 parishes + cathedral
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  • Our seminary, in Menlo Park, California, is St. Patrick's. Does that count?
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    Chris, probably not since the first surveyors did not include seminaries initially.
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    Survey of New England diocesan parishes, not private oratories:

    43 total, as follows (some are now "chapels" of parish clusters):

    1. Province of Boston: 32
    -Boston: 7
    -Springfield: 8
    -Worcester: 3
    -Fall River: 3
    -Portland: 1 [corrected; northern New England being more French than Irish dominated]
    -Manchester: 7
    -Burlington: 3

    2. Province of Hartford: 11
    -Hartford: 2
    -Bridgeport: 3
    -Norwich: 3
    -Providence: 3
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    a_f_hawkins, that's an awesome link. Thank you. I have to think there is something similar for the US and maybe other countries. To bad there isn't a global Catholic directory of parishes.
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    Actually, there is a St. Patrick's Church in the Diocese of Portland, Maine. It is in Damariscotta (Newcastle). It was built in 1803 and claims to be New England's oldest Catholic Church. I have attended Mass here several times. It contains some rare paintings and an authentic Revere bell. If you're in the area, drop in--it's just off Route 1 near the seacoast.
  • Just a few minutes north of Ann Arbor MI--literally "out in the country"--is the charming Old Saint Patrick's Church that was built in the 1870s. The parish has been in existence long before Michigan became a state. Besides being an architectural gem, the music and liturgy are all top notch. jabv and other Forum members attend there.
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    According to this link there are 557 Catholic churches in the USA dedicated to St. Patrick

  • Joseph Michael,

    I've attended Mass there, once. Lovely place.