Hail, Holy Queen with a May crowning text>
  • Ralph BednarzRalph Bednarz
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    There is a alternate text for the hymn "Hail Holy Queen": It is a May crowning text. I am Looking for it.
  • Ralph,

    Could you be more explicit. What is "this"?
  • Chrism
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    Do you remember if it starts with "Hail Holy Queen" or if it just has the same tune (Salve Regina Coelitum)?
  • Don9of11Don9of11
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    I'm familiar with most hymns for May Crowning but none that I know work with the melody "Hail Holy Queen". Forum member oldHymns might know something.
  • The hymn you are seeking appeared in "Our Parish Prays and Sings," a small hymnal and service book from Liturgical Press, published in the late 50s.

    1. We gather round your shrine today, Salve regina!
    To crown you as our queen of May, Salve regina!

    Refrain: Every voice in your domain
    Sings with joy this glad refrain:
    Be our queen for ever reign!
    Salve, salve, salve regina!

    2. This diadem of flowers fair, Salve regina!
    Is intertwined with love and care, Salve regina! Refrain

  • I have that hymnal somwhere around here! I'll have to find it now.