Starter Position at St. Mary Cathedral-Basilica, Galveston, TX
  • This is not intended to be an official listing. I am the current organist at St. Mary's of Galveston, and will be leaving at the end of the May to take up a position as resident physician at Conroe Regional Medical Center north of Houston. At that time the parish will be looking for suitable candidates to play Mass at the Cathedral.

    This is a part-time, low hours job. The cathedral is part of one parish spread over 6 churches on the island. The only current hours for an organist are Sunday Mass at the Cathedral 12:30 pm. There is no current choir. Cantors are paid. Hymn selection and ordinary are chosen by a Music Coordinator for the parish from Glory and Praise hymnal, with moderate veto power by the organist.

    When I leave, the parish will likely go back to an all-piano liturgy. It is my hope that a houston-galveston area organ student or other such person looking for a starter position would be interested in preventing this. If any members or readers in the area know or teach organists that may be interested, please reach out to them. The Cathedral itself is a beautiful "un-wreckovated" historic space, with a big and romantic III/36 Pilcher in the loft. The parish also has a II/10 tracker action Visser-Roland at its historic Sacred Heart Church.

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