Prayers for An Old Mentor
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    In your charity, please pray for Mr. Charles Wyeth, director of the chant schola at my old parish. He was the gentleman who taught me to sing Gregorian chant so many years ago, and has always been willing and able to help out with musical programs throughout the state of Indiana. I found out from a friend last night that he has been diagnosed with stage 4 cancer (my friend didn't say which type) and that his doctors say he has three months to live at most.
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    Prayers for Mr. Wyeth.
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    Praying. As a retired teacher it is good to think that my former students might pray for me if my health were to fail.
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    Prayers for Mr Wyeth. Thank you
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    I am praying for Mr. Wyeth .
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    Asking the intercession of St Peregrine & St Jude Thaddeus
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    St. Philomena, intercede first him!
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