Litaniae Sanctorum : Reaching Back Into Tradition : Garnering the Power and Protection of our Rites
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    As some of you may know, I recently put together a booklet (see thread 'Cantus In Angustiis') which I made available to everyone here to ENCOURAGE the daily chanting of prayers that are significant to our times of tribulation. As I have been singing through the booklet throughout the past few weeks, it occurred to me that I would like to record and distribute an accompaniment rendition to encourage even more the singing of such.

    In my research concerning Litaniae Sanctorum, some things are curious to me, some musical, some theological (and spiritual).


    I summoned up my copies of the NOH because I wanted to understand better the modal harmonies that would belong to an accompanied rendition. Being a composer, I wanted to compose my own harmonies, but modern harmonic structures really only lean toward major and minor sensibilities, and I believe it is important to rediscover the modal structures of our ancient chant.


    Upon looking up the harmonies for the chant, I also discovered texts of which I was not aware. I am posting it here for your viewing and comment. The chant I was studying was the one entitled, "IN FESTO S. MARCI ET IN FERIIS ROGATI0NUM In Litaniis Majoribus et Minoribus" (file posted below)


    After reading the meaning of this text, it seems to me that our modern sensibility has lost the importance and the pressing responsibility of these significant rituals, or elements thereof, that developed over the centuries, and we are not only robbed of our tradition because of abandoning the same, but we have also put ourselves at great risk and dangerous exposure and openness to the spirito maligno (ab omni malo) that now pervades the cosmos and the entirety of our created realm.

    Your thoughts are welcome.

    (I am posting a pdf of the NOH rendition and a text file of the complete LS for your review.)