Marco Brunelli, Pange Lingua
  • Dear Forum members,
    I am Marco Brunelli, and I am 24 years old. I am the organist of St. James Church and St. Michael Church in Pieve San Giacomo (Cremona, Italy). I want to offer you my "Pange Lingua" and know if you like it. It's a simple Eucharistic Motet for sopranos/tenors and organ. Would anyone like to propose it in parishes?
    Thank you, have a nice Sunday!
    Marco Brunelli
  • Maestro Brunelli,

    I don't know the Italian milieu at all well, but I see influence in your composition from William Walton, the English composer, and Peter Cutts (who wrote the hymn tune "Bridegroom") and Bruce Neswick, the American who wrote the tune "Tomter".

    At what speed do you conceive this singing to take place?

    I could see it used in places which have already robust singing for devotional use.
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  • I think 50 = 1/4 ca.